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We specialize in 'Art To Wear' clothing, picture shirts, photo t shirts, hand painted apparel and artistic Graphic t shirts along with vintage style shirts decorated or embellished in the DIY fashion (reconstructed, and appliqued).
If your idea of fashion is GAP and OLD NAVY, you are in the wrong place.

Our belief is that art is not limited to hanging on a wall. It should be displayed to as many people as possible. Your personalized t shirts are a reflection of you for all the world to see. What better way to express yourself than through a graphic shirt, or other article of apparel? Our custom printed, custom made designs and ideas are produced on tees, hoodies, dresses, skirts, scarves and any thing else we can think of to put it on.

This site includes our APPAREL GRAPHICS CATALOG (Graphics) , our OOAK (One of a kind) CATALOG and ourLIMITED EDITION (Limiteds) clothing. At 4Me2Wear we sell both Retail and "To The Trade". If you are a retailer and would like to carry our line, please see our FAQ

Our designs are executed in house. They vary from a retro style shirt, to tattoo style shirts, to funny t shirts, to hand painted shirts, to airbrush shirts, to spray painted shirts, to grafitti shirt designs, to just plain cool t shirts.

If you have an idea for a design, or have your own art for a custom t shirt design, we do not do that here. However, our sister site MySpaceTEES.com will happily produce it for you.


link to www.DIY-Fashions.comlink to www.DashikiTee.comlink to www.MySpaceTEES.comlink to www.SoyLaCalle.com

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